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How do you imagine your wedding? How possible is it for it to be exactly like it is in your dreams? Ideal environment, ideal décor, music, dress, shoes, cake and thousands of details that all in all should create that special day in your life. Can the organizer take all the details into consideration and create the day you dream of? is a catalogue that allows you to plan the wedding without even leaving your house. You can choose the location, decoration, wedding clothes and shoes, rings, jewelry, bouquet, beauty salon, invitations; and even find your perfect photographer and videographer. To order desired wedding cake, wine and choose the travel package. To compare prices and plan the budget.


Apart from time management and variety of choice, the main charm of the is that planning the wonderful wedding party is available for the pair and letting the organizer lead the process is no necessity anymore.


As far as is the informational middleman between customers and companies, there will often be different kinds of interviews and vlogs on the website, in which you will find out about all the details concerning the process.